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Ahmanet is an Egyptian princess that was promised the position of pharaoh, only for it to be taken by a younger brother. Ahmanet was promised the position of pharaoh following her father, Menehptre. However, when he bore a sonhe removed the promise, instead wishing for the boy to be his heir.

ahmanet real history

Because of this, Ahmanet summoned the god of death Set in order to get what she'd been promised. Set agreed to grant her the power she needed as long as she grant him a vessel to use in the Mortal world.

With her newfound abilities, Ahmanet slaughtered her father, his wife, and child, before attempting to bring Set into the mortal world. However, her ritual was halted and her chosen vessel was killed. As punishment for her crimes, she was then mummified alive and buried. Her sarcophagus was taken far from Egypt and buried in Mesopotamia.

Ahmanet (The Mummy)

In modern times, Ahmanet was unearthed, returning to the world to reclaim what she'd been robbed of. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article contains major spoilers for The Mummy.

Continue on at your own risk. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.Ahmanet is the titular main antagonist of the action-horror movie, The Mummywhich is the first film of Universal Studios' Monsters Cinematic Universe series. Ahmanet was born millennia ago in Cairo. She was beloved by the people of Egypt thanks to the status and reputation of her father Pharaoh Djoser. Princess Ahmanet was first in line to succeed Djoser.

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She had a love affair with Djoser's counsellor and polymath Imhotep. When Djoser discovered the affair he had Imhotep executed. Ahmanet stole Imhotep's corpse and attempted to resurrect him but was caught by Djoser's priests. As punishment, Ahmanet was whipped, had her tongue cut out, was mummified and buried alive with flesh eating scarabs.

The curse turned Ahmanet into an undead field kept in a state of living death. Her sarcophagus was buried in Cairo and submerged in a pool of mercury so that her monstrous form would not escape. The three set about moving the sarcophagus to London. Little did they know that Vail had accidentally awakened one of Ahmanet's followers, Khariswho took control over Vail, resulting in Vail killing Greenway and Joseph having to kill him.

InAhmanet is released from the sarcophagus and began feeding on people to regenerate her decomposed body. She recognised Nick as the reincarnation of Imhotep and Jenny as a descendant of her younger sister who succeed Djoser after she was mummified.

ahmanet real history

Unable to convince Nick to join her, she sent her followers after him and Jenny. Ahmanet captures Jenny and drowns her. Nick uses the Book of the Dead to resurrect Jenny and remove most of Ahmanet's power, turning her into shrivelled mummy. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. She is an ancient Egyptian mummy. She was portrayed by actress and model Sofia Boutella. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.While billions of people believe Jesus of Nazareth was one of the most important figures in world history, many others reject the idea that he even existed at all.

A survey conducted by the Church of England, for instance, found that 22 percent of adults in England did not believe Jesus was a real person. Among scholars of the New Testament of the Christian Biblethough, there is little disagreement that he actually lived. Lawrence Mykytiuk, an associate professor of library science at Purdue University and author of a Biblical Archaeology Review article on the extra-biblical evidence of Jesus, notes that there was no debate about the issue in ancient times either.

There is no definitive physical or archaeological evidence of the existence of Jesus. Ehrmanauthor of Did Jesus Exist? The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth. It means that she or he, like Questions of authenticity continue to surround direct relics associated with Jesus, such as the crown of thorns he reputedly wore during his crucifixion one possible example is housed inside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Parisand the Shroud of Turina linen burial cloth purportedly emblazoned with the image of his face.

The holy crown of thorns at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Archaeologists, though, have been able to corroborate elements of the New Testament story of Jesus. While some disputed the existence of ancient Nazareth, his biblical childhood home town, archaeologists have unearthed a rock-hewn courtyard house along with tombs and a cistern.

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They have also found physical evidence of Roman crucifixions such as that of Jesus described in the New Testament. The most detailed record of the life and death of Jesus comes from the four Gospels and other New Testament writings. Within a few decades of his lifetime, Jesus was mentioned by Jewish and Roman historians in passages that corroborate portions of the New Testament that describe the life and death of Jesus.

Historian Flavius Josephus wrote one of the earliest non-biblical accounts of Jesus. Thought to have been born a few years after the crucifixion of Jesus around 37 A. Mykytiuk agrees with most scholars that Christian scribes modified portions of the passage but did not insert it wholesale into the text. In chronicling the burning of Rome in 64 A. Christus, the founder of the name, was put to death by Pontius Pilate, procurator of Judea in the reign of Tiberius.

As a Roman historian, Tacitus did not have any Christian biases in his discussion of the persecution of Christians by Nero, says Ehrman. No one thought he was made up.

ahmanet real history

But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. This Day In History. What Did Jesus Look Like?Ahmanet: "Tell me child, do you know what it is like to be dead? How can a Daughter of Set serve you? After her and her husband were awakened when slavers fleeing House Targaryen's liberation of Slavers Bay accidentally took refugee in their tomb in the Valley of the Lost King Tombs.

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She order the slavers to be executed by being fed to Bone Scarabs after interrogating them in gruesome and merciless ways. She later watched the Targaryen's with interest often disguising herself as an animal, or a homeless beggar women, she also killed several Children of the Harpy's members who tried a rob a Osirisan tomb. She later met Arya Stark after commanding a huge flock of Crows and bats to attack the girl, only to discover she had the Amulet of Set in her hands.

After learning House Lannister had stolen the amulet from an ancient sunken Osirisan warship, she and her husband were enraged and decided it was time to restore their empire. She raised a army of the dead as vast as the sands, and along with Arya and her husband lead the army northward towards Kings landing, burning, killing, and destroying anything that stood in their way. She later explained to Arya that it was their destiny to destroy the Nightwalkers and lied about the true reasoning she was helping Arya, by stating that they were created by the Children of the Forest to protect men from the Nightwalkers and were called Daywalkers as they brought light to the earth, but men rejected it and drove the Osirisans to near extinction.

This of course was a partial truth and a lie, the children of the forest did create the Daywalkers to help men combat the Nightwalkers, but the Daywalkers like their Nightwalker kin turned on the Children of the Forest and men and created a massive empire and enslaved men and drove the children of the forest to near extinction. Born originally as a Osirisan princess of the ancient Osirisan empire, she was almost killed when her and husband Prince Am'Set Ra and her were violently deposed by First men and Children of the forest rebels, during The Great Rebellion.

They and others fled into the deep desert where they bounded themselves with Necromancy, black magic, and a curse, however, like the others she was driven mad with delusions of grandeur and the dogmatic belief that only the Osirisans can stop the Nightwalkers and were destiny to rule over the entire world and bring eternal night.

Ahmanet (The Mummy)

She and her husband sealed themselves alive in a dual sarcophagus, until AC where they were accidentally awakened by slavers who fled into their tomb for safety during the Liberation of Slavers bay.

She tortured and interrogated the slavers and then killed them, from them she learned the rumor of the night walkers return she awakened her husband and her fellow Osirisans now resurrected and twisted by their madness and dogmatic views as the undead Daywalkers. After killing the slavers and spying on House Targaryen in the form of a Beggar women, she sensed the amulet of Set her former lover approaching the Lost King Tombs, she however didn't recognize the carrier so she command a legion of Crows and Bats to attack Arya Stark, then she confirmed with her own eyes this girl had the Amulet of Set, she intercepted Arya, and interrogated the young stark.

She learned House Lannister had stole the amulet from a Osirisan warship that had sunken off the coast of King's landing and King Joffery had it placed in his trophy room. Enraged and sensing an opportunity to finish what the Osirisan Empire was unable to accomplish destroying the Nightwalkers once and for all and restoring their empire to glory.

She pledge the entirety of the Anubis Empire to Arya Stark, she then took Arya to her husband, she managed to convince him now was the time. She then awakened a army of the dead as vast as the never ending sands, and togeher with her husband and Arya marched northward to kings landing burning, pillaging, and crushing all forms of resistance.

She was then able to confirm that indeed the Nightwalkers had return, she half-lied to Arya and tiwsted the origins of the Daywalkers to convince Arya that her bastard brother and House Targaryen's plan will fail and the Nightwalkers will overrun the North and to convince her brother that only the Daywalkers can save the world.

However Ahmanet and her husband planned on destroying both the Nightwalkers and the Seven Kingdoms and ruling the entire world as a eternal "Daylight" empire. Ahmanet: "I feel asleep a princess, and woke up a queen.

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ahmanet real history

Ahmanet's Pupula Duplex as she prepares to destroy a Lannister garrison. Ahmanet glaring at Queen Cersei with her Pupula Duplex. Ahmanet unleashing a sandstorm on Lannister forces during the battle of Wetlands Keep. Categories :. Consuming sands.

Sands of Past. Anubis strikes.Her name, jmntis a feminine noun that means "The Hidden One". She is a member of the Ogdoad of Hermopoliswho represented aspects of the primeval existence before the creation : Amunet was paired with Amun — whose name means "The Hidden One" too, with a masculine ending jmn — within this divine group, from the earliest known documentation. It seems likely that Amunet may have been artificially conceived by theologians as a complement to Amun, rather than being an originally independent deity.

By at least the 12th dynasty c. At KarnakAmun's cult center, priests were dedicated to Amaunet's service.

Ahmanet (Monsters Cinematic Universe)

The exact reason for this iconography is uncertain. In some late texts from Karnak she was syncretized with Neithalthough she remained a distinct deity as late as the Ptolemaic Kingdom —30 BC : she is carved on the exterior wall of the Festival Hall of Thutmose III in Karnak suckling pharaoh Philip III of Macedon — BCwho appears, immediately after his own enthronement, as a divine child.

The Temple of Amun at Karnak was the most important cult center of Amaunet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Egyptian goddess.


For the Egyptian goddess of the west, see Imentet. Funerals Offering formula Temples Pyramids. Deities list. Symbols and objects. Related religions. Main article: Egyptian influence in popular culture. Walter de Gruyter. Retrieved Ancient Egyptian religion.

Dedi Djadjaemankh Rededjet Ubaoner. Book Ancient Egypt portal. Categories : Amun Egyptian goddesses. Namespaces Article Talk.

The Bible Says Jesus Was Real. What Other Proof Exists?

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Bas relief of Amunet in Luxor. Part of a series on. Practices Funerals Offering formula Temples Pyramids. Ancient Egypt portal. Theban Triad.If you're gearing up to watching the new Tom Cruise movie, whether or not the new female mummy Ahmanet was a real person might be on your mind. After all, the Egyptian princess has a pretty detailed back story.

He removes that promise from her because he has a child, and the child is a son. Having nothing to lose, she summons the wrong god, in order to get what she wanted, that power that will give her what she was promised.

So, given the character's complicated story, you might wonder if in her pre-Mummy incarnation, Ahmanet is based on a real person in history. But from what Boutella told Entertainment Weekly about her research for the role, it sounded more as if she'd based the character on the information she'd discovered about general Egyptian royalty than about one specific figure in the past.

She said:. Her name could also be in reference to the real-life mummy Amunet, who the University College London blog describes as "a Priestess of the goddess Hathor at Thebes" who:. So, no, it doesn't appear that Ahmanet was based on one specific person. Instead, it appears that her character is based on a whole host of Egyptian references and that she's all the more richer and nuanced for this.

She said: "I researched a lot about Egyptian mythology and Egyptian civilization. I researched kings and queens: How they would carry themselves, how they were painted and portrayed.

I needed to get inside of Ahmanet, and I needed to find that rhythm.Despite the excitement surrounding this prospect, Universal has suggested that these movies won't be as closely connected as previously believed.

Russel Crowe elaborated on this in a recent interview, pointing out that the success of these movies depends on creating a believable and scary world in individual installments. In this week's issue of EWBoutella was asked to expand a bit on her character's backstory. The actor answered:.

He removes that promise from her because he has a child, and the child is a son. Having nothing to lose, she summons the wrong god, in order to get what she wanted, that power that will give her what she was promised. In modern times, she comes back, to go after what she was promised to receive, to begin with. She went on to discuss how the character's actions are " a little more justified than the typical monster-movie villain ", claiming that she always hoped to put a new spin on the classic character:.

It was important to me that this character had a backstory, you know? There needs to be something significant her shining through. Boutella's comments reflect those from the movie's director Alex Kurtzman who said he was attempting to capture the " deep humanity " of monsters.

In a sneak peek at the movie from SyFy Wire see the video aboveTom Cruise described Sofia Boutella as the perfect casting to play the " inspiring and seductive " female mummy. In the interview, she went on to discuss the research she did for the role, claiming the she was intent on finding the " rhythm " of how royalty would carry themselves in Ancient Egyptian society. The trailers may paint a picture of a furious woman scornedbut Sofia Boutella suggests that her character is powerful yet eerily calm.

Sources: EWSyfy Wire. Benjamin Eaton is a contributing writer to Screen Rant, a passionate nitpicker, and a lifelong bookworm. He is a versatile writer, with experience creating academic research materials and effective copywriting alongside his journalistic work.

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